SmarTravel Vacation Giveaway Recap

Here at SmarTravel, we make it a priority to give back to the community and to individuals as often as we can. When we heard about a woman named Jenny Walsh who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, we knew we wanted to help her. Dealing with these serious health issues was draining for Jenny, so we thought she could use a little relaxation and time away from it all. With a love of lighthouses, Jenny decided Cape Cod in Massachusetts was the right spot for her! Read more about the trip in her own words…

With all my recent health issues, I had been feeling pretty stressed and down. I heard through a mutual acquaintance that a company called SmarTravel was volunteering to help me escape my worries and go on a vacation. What a breath of fresh air! I was able to choose where I went from their list of dozens of vacation destinations. I had always wanted to visit the east coast so I chose Cape Cod!

Nestled away near Province, our condo offered a private beach, great views, a kitchenette and comfortable furnishings. SmarTravel covered all accommodation costs associated with our seven night stay. Being on a budget, having the little kitchen also helped immensely as we were able to cook meals in house rather than spending money on restaurant fare.

One of the reasons Cape Cod was appealing to me was because there were four lighthouses within driving distance of the condo. I have always been fascinated by lighthouses and wanted to see one in person. I like lighthouses because my mom and dad had visited some in Maine years ago. After both of my parents passed away, I thought visiting somewhere they loved so much would help bring me closer to them.
Luckily, my longtime boyfriend Larry and I were able to take advantage of a day of beautiful weather to check out the lighthouses, which ended up being a very meaningful experience for me.

On another day we went on a whale watching tour which was such a unique and fun experience! Unfortunately, most of the other days were a little damp or dreary, but we were so pleased to have a few days of good weather to enjoy the beach and ocean and see the lighthouses! When the weather cooperated, we would just sit on the beach and stare out at the ocean; that’s such a calming feeling!

On one of the days when it rained, Larry and I decided to take a mini road trip to Boston. What did we do there? We checked out the backdrop from one of our favorite television shows- Cheers! That was definitely an entertaining experience we enjoyed. 

All in all, our trip to Cape Cod was amazing! I was blown away by what SmarTravel did for me, taking care of our accommodations and making sure I was able to relax and get away during a tough time in my life. A vacation was exactly what I needed and I am so thankful!

Thanks for the recap, Jenny! We’re so glad you had a great time!

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Putting Your Luggage on a Diet

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is over packing! It’s best to make your trip easier
and more cost effective by packing light this summer. All the extra baggage can cost you a
pretty penny, not to mention be heavy to carry. We have all been in the airport rushing to make
a flight while juggling our luggage, our kids and their luggage too. It can be overwhelming and
can get vacations started on a bad note. The solution: pack the bare essentials and leave the
rest behind! We challenge you to fit luggage for a family of four into just one bag. Think it’s
impossible? We are here to help!

For the whole family:
• Wear your heaviest clothes during the plane/car ride. Layer up! Bring multiple
items that are able to be layered instead of just one shirt. This will help you build a
multipurpose wardrobe so you will get more use out of the clothes you choose to bring.
Each person should wear their heaviest shoes, sweaters or jackets in order to eliminate
the items that take up the most space in a suitcase.

• Share toiletries. Take some time before you leave to call the hotel you’ll be staying at
to see what will be available in your room. They will most likely have a hair dryer, an iron
and extra hangers. Bring travel size deodorant, soap and toothpaste to eliminate any
large or heavy bottles. Use brands that can be shared between everyone in a family.

For Mom:
• Choose a central color scheme. Pick one neutral color that you will base your outfits
around and bring accent colors in with jewelry, shoes or a purse. Try bringing tops that
will all match khakis or jeans. If you need a cardigan or jacket, make sure it’s one that
easily pair with your chosen bottoms and a few key tops. Bringing versatile items will
help keep the outfits looking different enough even though they’ll be made up of only a
few items.

For Dad:
Leave the work at work. Bringing a work computer can be tempting, but laptops can
be heavy and take up space. Try to communicate with your cell phone during travel. Call
the hotel in advance and ensure they have computers that are opened to guests for use
for any emergencies. But honestly, a vacation means no work (at least for the most part)
so try your best to leave it behind and spend quality time with your family.

For the Kids:
Choosy children. Children might want to be a part of the packing process, so let them
each pick one toy to bring. This way they feel that their opinion matters and will be happy
with the choice they make. Let your vacation destination be the entertainment for the
week! One activity for the plane or car ride should be enough to keep children busy until
you arrive at your destination. Keep it small and easy to play with alone, like a coloring

SmarTravel will let you put these tips into practice! We have numerous destinations across the

United States and the Caribbean. For more information, click here.

Happy vacationing!

SmarTravel Named Enquirer Media Top Workplaces of 2012

CINCINNATI (June 19, 2012) – SmarTravel, a company which sells vacations by the week at wholesale prices, announced today it has been named one of the Top Workplaces of 2012 according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. The company is recognized as a Top Workplace based on surveys employees completed describing and rating the workplace environment and management.

Enquirer Media partnered with Workplace Dynamics to find the best workplaces in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Employees at companies in these locations were asked to answer questions about their workplaces and management teams.

“We’re so honored to be one of the best workplaces in Cincinnati,” said David Wise, president of
SmarTravel. “One of our biggest priorities is making sure our team is happy and recognized for their hard work. It is a humbling feeling to know that our extra effort has paid off and our employees love working here!”

According to Enquirer Media, businesses that win a Top Workplace award value their employees, have
confidence in their management teams and are committed to delivering top notch services.

SmarTravel is proud to be among such reputable companies and is committed to providing a work environment that encourages employee growth. Employees are consistently rewarded for a job well done by receiving recognition, respect and an increase in responsibility.

“As someone who has been with the company for six years now, I’m not surprised by this award,” said Ryan Scott, director of sales for the Cincinnati office. “The company treats us very well, sometimes allowing us to check out the vacation destinations we’re selling first-hand, which is always a treat. I’m glad we get to brag about being a Top Workplace of 2012!”

Next year, SmarTravel is setting its goals even higher. “We want to go for ‘Best Workplace’,” said Wise. “I
definitely think it’s obtainable for us as a company.”

For more information visit

About SmarTravel
SmarTravel is a travel company offering great vacations at wholesale prices. At SmarTravel, we share
the common goal of enriching the lives of our customers and clients by helping people experience quality
vacations through caring, professional service. Founded in 2001, the company has grown substantially in the
past decade and has helped tens of thousands of families embark on quality, affordable vacations.

Nikki Stroud
Dittoe PR on behalf of SmarTravel
317.202.2280 xt. 25

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Come See Us at the Circle City Pride Festival

You are cordially invited to join us tomorrow for the Circle City Indiana Pride Festival! This is the largest pride festival in the state and is organized by Indy Pride, Inc., a not-for-profit company. Tomorrow will be the conclusion of the week-long celebration in Indianapolis.

Join SmarTravel from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the American Legion Mall & Veteran’s Memorial Plaza. We’ll be hanging out with lots of other vendors, plus, there will be TONS of entertainment! Below is the schedule of entertainment from the Circle City Pride Festival website.

We hope you can join us in this event to celebrate equality and love!

National Anthem with Holly Petree
Miss Gay Indiana, Miss Gay Indianapolis, Indy Pride Bag Lady Queen Production Number
Pride of Indy Jazz Band w/ Brenda Williams - website
Greg's Line Dancers
Pride of Indy Pep Band - website
Indianapolis Men's Chorus - website
Zanna-Doo! - website
Smiley Glee Club - website
No Direction (Girls Rock Indy! band) - website
Carrie & The Clams - website
Nancy Moore - website
Footlite Musicals present RENT - website
Dangerous Liaison - website
Fred Astaire Dance Studio - website
Jackola - website

IndyMojo Stage, powered by WZPL

Featuring DJs and live performances. Hosted by Lola Palooza

Rudy Kizer
Steady B
Action Jackson
Pierre Extraordinaire (live performance)
Hollow Point
Chachi Guerrero

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SmarTravel’s Favorite Summer Vacation Spots

At SmarTravel, we offer clients dozens of vacation destination options all over the United
States and even a few in the Caribbean. Now that it’s June (isn’t this year flying by?), one of
the busiest travel months, we wanted to showcase a few of our very favorite destinations for
fun family vacations. We’ve decided to feature four hot spots from around the U.S. to ensure at
least one location is a quick drive or flight from your family’s home.

1. Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee is about as family-friendly as it gets! This tight-knit community is just a short
drive from all kinds of Disney fun! Walt Disney World, Sea World Orlando and Universal
Orlando are all just around the corner and so is the ocean! The white, sandy beaches
of the Gulf are incredibly welcoming and make for a very inexpensive day of fun for
families. In Kissimmee, you get a small town feel with nearby, exciting amenities! Who
could ask for a better combination?

2. Palm Springs, CA

If your family is closer to the west coast, SmarTravel has you covered with beautiful
properties in Palm Springs! This city in the desert of southern California offers a rich
sense of history and culture plus ample ways to relax. Filled with parks, pools and a
great nightlife, Palm Springs is family-friendly as well as a great fit for singles or couples.
Any Marilyn Monroe fans out there? Downtown Palm Springs features a 26-foot tall
statue of the late star; that is not something you see every day!

3. Myrtle Beach, SC

Relaxation, beautiful scenery and great local eats- what more can you ask for in
a vacation destination? Myrtle Beach boasts more than 60 miles of beaches and
attractions plus a romantic boardwalk. A popular place for beach-goers, spring breakers
and golfers, Myrtle Beach is a place to truly dig your toes in the sand and relax. Looking
for a little adventure? Try out one of the water parks or consider a deep-sea saltwater
fishing trip!

4. Port Clinton, OH

Hoping to stick to the Midwest? Port Clinton is a gem of a town that many people don’t
know about. Situated on the Lake Erie shoreline, Port Clinton will make families feel like
they’ve been whisked away to Florida or California while keeping the Midwestern charm
of Ohio. Boating and fishing are the main attractions in the summer months, but Port
Clinton is popular all year for its wineries and local restaurants.

When choosing where to vacation with your family, it’s important to note that every family is

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different. While some families might find the beach to be the most appealing option, yours might
be more focused on a location that can provide lots of fun excursions for the family.

At SmarTravel, we offer vacation destinations to meet the needs of any family, couple or
individual, including resorts in all four of the destinations mentioned above. But we don’t stop
there! We have dozens of options all across the U.S. and even in the Caribbean! For more
information, visit our homepage.

Happy vacationing!

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