Putting Your Luggage on a Diet

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is over packing! It’s best to make your trip easier
and more cost effective by packing light this summer. All the extra baggage can cost you a
pretty penny, not to mention be heavy to carry. We have all been in the airport rushing to make
a flight while juggling our luggage, our kids and their luggage too. It can be overwhelming and
can get vacations started on a bad note. The solution: pack the bare essentials and leave the
rest behind! We challenge you to fit luggage for a family of four into just one bag. Think it’s
impossible? We are here to help!

For the whole family:
• Wear your heaviest clothes during the plane/car ride. Layer up! Bring multiple
items that are able to be layered instead of just one shirt. This will help you build a
multipurpose wardrobe so you will get more use out of the clothes you choose to bring.
Each person should wear their heaviest shoes, sweaters or jackets in order to eliminate
the items that take up the most space in a suitcase.

• Share toiletries. Take some time before you leave to call the hotel you’ll be staying at
to see what will be available in your room. They will most likely have a hair dryer, an iron
and extra hangers. Bring travel size deodorant, soap and toothpaste to eliminate any
large or heavy bottles. Use brands that can be shared between everyone in a family.

For Mom:
• Choose a central color scheme. Pick one neutral color that you will base your outfits
around and bring accent colors in with jewelry, shoes or a purse. Try bringing tops that
will all match khakis or jeans. If you need a cardigan or jacket, make sure it’s one that
easily pair with your chosen bottoms and a few key tops. Bringing versatile items will
help keep the outfits looking different enough even though they’ll be made up of only a
few items.

For Dad:
Leave the work at work. Bringing a work computer can be tempting, but laptops can
be heavy and take up space. Try to communicate with your cell phone during travel. Call
the hotel in advance and ensure they have computers that are opened to guests for use
for any emergencies. But honestly, a vacation means no work (at least for the most part)
so try your best to leave it behind and spend quality time with your family.

For the Kids:
Choosy children. Children might want to be a part of the packing process, so let them
each pick one toy to bring. This way they feel that their opinion matters and will be happy
with the choice they make. Let your vacation destination be the entertainment for the
week! One activity for the plane or car ride should be enough to keep children busy until
you arrive at your destination. Keep it small and easy to play with alone, like a coloring

SmarTravel will let you put these tips into practice! We have numerous destinations across the

United States and the Caribbean. For more information, click here.

Happy vacationing!


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