SmarTravel Vacation Giveaway Recap

Here at SmarTravel, we make it a priority to give back to the community and to individuals as often as we can. When we heard about a woman named Jenny Walsh who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, we knew we wanted to help her. Dealing with these serious health issues was draining for Jenny, so we thought she could use a little relaxation and time away from it all. With a love of lighthouses, Jenny decided Cape Cod in Massachusetts was the right spot for her! Read more about the trip in her own words…

With all my recent health issues, I had been feeling pretty stressed and down. I heard through a mutual acquaintance that a company called SmarTravel was volunteering to help me escape my worries and go on a vacation. What a breath of fresh air! I was able to choose where I went from their list of dozens of vacation destinations. I had always wanted to visit the east coast so I chose Cape Cod!

Nestled away near Province, our condo offered a private beach, great views, a kitchenette and comfortable furnishings. SmarTravel covered all accommodation costs associated with our seven night stay. Being on a budget, having the little kitchen also helped immensely as we were able to cook meals in house rather than spending money on restaurant fare.

One of the reasons Cape Cod was appealing to me was because there were four lighthouses within driving distance of the condo. I have always been fascinated by lighthouses and wanted to see one in person. I like lighthouses because my mom and dad had visited some in Maine years ago. After both of my parents passed away, I thought visiting somewhere they loved so much would help bring me closer to them.
Luckily, my longtime boyfriend Larry and I were able to take advantage of a day of beautiful weather to check out the lighthouses, which ended up being a very meaningful experience for me.

On another day we went on a whale watching tour which was such a unique and fun experience! Unfortunately, most of the other days were a little damp or dreary, but we were so pleased to have a few days of good weather to enjoy the beach and ocean and see the lighthouses! When the weather cooperated, we would just sit on the beach and stare out at the ocean; that’s such a calming feeling!

On one of the days when it rained, Larry and I decided to take a mini road trip to Boston. What did we do there? We checked out the backdrop from one of our favorite television shows- Cheers! That was definitely an entertaining experience we enjoyed. 

All in all, our trip to Cape Cod was amazing! I was blown away by what SmarTravel did for me, taking care of our accommodations and making sure I was able to relax and get away during a tough time in my life. A vacation was exactly what I needed and I am so thankful!

Thanks for the recap, Jenny! We’re so glad you had a great time!

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