The Importance of Vacations for Families and Couples

The vacation oasis is calling, but if you are like most, you rarely take advantage of your often meager vacation days. According to a study by Doctor Cuseo-Ott from the Virginia Women’s Center, the average American is working an unhealthy amount. Men are working 100 more hours a year and women are working 200 more hours per year than just 40 years ago. As a result, most families and couples are spending less and less quality time together. This is why, more than ever before, taking a vacation is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily work grind. Whether you go by car, boat, train or plane, treat your family or your relationship to a vacation and reap the benefits.

For families that might be hesitant about taking time away, consider these facts:

  • ·         A family that plays together stays together. Quality time will remind you of the love that keeps your unit tight knit. Kids are surrounded by technology, sports, school and friends, but this week away will be just what they need to refocus on family. Spend time with your children building a sand castle, going on a bike ride or hiking the mountains in order to create the moments that they will never forget. Children grow up from the kid who needed you to heal their “boo-boo”, to the teen who needs to borrow the car, to the adult who has a family of their own. Time flies by and you should enjoy vacations together while you can. You would never regret going on vacation, but you might regret not going. 

  • ·         Kick back and relax. Rest and recharge. Stress is detrimental for the overall health of your body. Vacation allows you to spend time with family and loved ones who you may miss out on spending time with during the busy stress of everyday life. The togetherness on vacation cannot typically be matched at home, as everyone always has different obligations and commitments.

  • ·         Learn something new. Children are extremely impressionable people. Travel allows them to discover new cultures, foods and languages. They love to see, touch and feel the unfamiliar. As Jack Wood explains in this article, it benefits children to let them see what they learn in school come to life in a new place. Even the best school cannot compete with the real life experience of travel.

Couples who haven’t traveled together should consider embarking on this new chapter together for several reasons:

  • ·        Spice up your love life. A vacation is a perfect spot to reconnect. It provides guaranteed alone time where the focus is solely on each other. Experiencing something new together helps to grow an even closer bond and reminds you to appreciate the little things that you do for each other.

  • ·         Enjoy a journey together. A couple’s vacation is more about the journey together than the destination. It is a time to embark on something together that may increase your communication skills and your patience for each other. You can learn to be flexible and build trust in a new and unfamiliar place. Not only will you enjoy the time spent at a vacation destination, but the road trip or plane ride there can be another opportunity to connect.

  • ·         Add spontaneity and excitement. Show your significant other your wild side! You may feel exhausted by the repetitive everyday routine, so jump out of your comfort zones together. This will keep you both on your toes waiting for the next thrilling activity!

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Happy vacationing!

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