Salvation Army Volunteer Day

At SmarTravel, we have always made giving back to the community one of our main focuses. We find it to be unequivocally rewarding to volunteer our time to help those in need, so when we’re not busy hooking people up with memorable, affordable vacations, we’re often getting involved in the community.

Our most recent effort was during the Salvation Army of Indiana’s shoe shopping event at Shoe Carnival in Indianapolis. During the event, children had the opportunity to shop for a new pair of shoes ahead of going back to school.

This effort really spoke to us for a number of reasons. First of all, we love the work the Salvation Army does year-round (it’s not just red kettles during the holidays!). Second, seeing the joy on children’s faces is an unmatched feeling and knowing you’re helping to put a smile there is so rewarding. And finally, this effort spoke to us because it’s strange to think of shoes, something so small and often inexpensive, being something that means so much to children and their families. Kids are constantly growing, so it’s just not feasible to send them to school year after year with the same shoes, but some families can’t afford new ones each year. We were happy to help some of these kiddos find kicks that they truly loved!

We hope you’ll enjoy some photos we took while at the event! It was truly a great experience!

Sure, we’re all about vacations, but sticking around town and doing some good in the community is also amazing!

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