Last Minute Vacation Getaway

Summer is coming to a close and you may start regretting the fact that you made it through without taking a single trip. Don’t worry! It’s not too late for a last-minute escape. A spontaneous getaway can be exhilarating and worthwhile. Catch a flight or jump in a car and go somewhere you have always wanted to visit. Don’t fret that you haven’t had much time to plan; last-minute travel can remain affordable and stress-free with these simple tips:

Flexibility is Key.

As a last-minute traveler, you have to be flexible when it comes to selecting a vacation destination and accommodations. Try to think outside of the box when planning! Try a unique getaway spot in a lesser-known area. Sometimes just driving out of town an hour or two to a place that provides a change in surroundings can do the trick. A quiet and quaint place may be just what the doctor ordered to get your body relaxed and relieved of any work-related stress. Embarking on any new experience will be enough to fulfill your vacation needs.

Where to Stay.

SmarTravel offers multiple destinations all across the United States and the Caribbean that are large enough to accommodate last-minute travelers. Little Harbor in Florida, Waterfronts II in Ohio and the Brigantine Island Beach Resort in New Jersey are just a few of our unique destination options that have excess lodging.

Plan Quickly.

After you decide on a destination and book your accommodations through SmarTravel, do some rapid-fire research! If your journey is going to take you to a place you have never been before, check the weather so you know what to pack and look into popular tourist attractions so you know where to go. Plan activities before you leave that all members of the family will enjoy so that no time will be wasted once you arrive. Consider setting a budget for each member of the family in order to avoid impulse buys that come along with last-minute vacationing. These pre-vacation preparations will eliminate common stresses once you arrive and allow you to transition into relax mode right away!

Happy vacationing!



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