SmarTravel Makes Donation after Month-Long Partnership with Ronald McDonald House of Indiana

Earlier this month we told you about a month-long commitment we were making to help out the
Ronald McDonald House of Indiana. We’ve been so happy to act as their official Pantry Partner all month, helping to stock their shelves full of items they need to help the more than 35,000 families they have served and continue to serve.

In case you’re not familiar, the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana is a safe haven serves parents and siblings of seriously ill or injured children during difficult times. Housing that many people is a tough job, but it’s one the Ronald McDonald House has never shied away from.

The total tally is in and we were able to donate more than 500-dollars worth of household items that will help these families!

We want to send a huge thanks to our employees who brought in items as well as the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana for doing so much good in our community!

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