What’s The Ideal Length for your Vacation?

With summer rapidly coming to a close, it is the perfect time to take one last trip to escape the daily grind and enjoy the sunshine before the leaves start falling and the winter jackets come out of the closet. So how long should you spend away? There actually is a recommended vacation duration for you to spend time alone, with your significant other, with family or with friends. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a two week extravaganza, leaving time to unwind will help increase job satisfaction and overall happiness. Vacation days are typically a scarce resource, so use those days wisely by considering these options:

A Weekend Getaway
If you are a last minute planner with few vacation days, take a Friday off, get in the car and go! A tight budget or a busy schedule should not keep you from taking time to relax. An extended weekend vacation may be just enough to rejuvenate and recharge. A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life reminds us that happiness comes from the planning and anticipation of the vacation, so even a short, two or three day getaway can reduce stress and improve quality of life.

A Seven to Ten Day Vacation
This tends to be the optimal vacation duration with enough time for travel days and ample time to reap the benefits of setting into full vacation mode. This time frame is ideal for couples and families who have more vacation days available and time to plan. According to a study done by Dena Ann Dries, a doctorate student at Colorado Springs-based University of the Rockies, “Job satisfaction was higher and burnout was lower when the mark was around 10 days in my study.” This time frame also allows you to actively participate and retreat into a vacation.

10+ Day Holiday
If money and vacation days are not an obstacle for you, an extended vacation may be an ideal way to get the most out of time off. International travel is always an eye opening learning experience that is more worthwhile if you have more vacation days to use. More days allow for the extra travel time that a far away vacation requires. A longer trip also gives time to first unwind from work mode and transition into really enjoying every moment of your journey! If you plan to be vacationing with a larger group of people, longer trips are ideal because you’ll have more time to spend with each person.

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Happy vacationing! 

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