Getting Ready to Travel with Your Children this Columbus Day

Have a four day weekend ahead of you to spend some time with the family?  This upcoming Columbus Day would be a perfect opportunity to get away and have a mini vacation, but need some tips on road tripping with your kids?  Here are some ideas we have for you, thanks to the help of for some inspiration ideas. 

  1. Plan Ahead.  How long can your children last in the car before they become impatient?  Take into consideration how old your children are and their tolerances for car trips before you decide where to go by car.
  2. What to pack?  Make sure you bring a first-aid kit, because you never know what you will come across.  Also, what keeps your child entertained for a long period of time?  Coloring? DVD’s? Do you know what snacks you’re going to pack?  Just make sure to take a trash bag for all of the wrappers!
  3. Be prepared to make stops.  Your child will need multiple restroom breaks, naps, food stops…etc.  Expect your trip to take longer than planned, that way you are in for no surprises.
  4. Multiple children?  Don’t assume your children are going to share one toy between the two of them in the backseat of the car.  Make sure that you have enough for them to stay occupied individually.  You will prevent many arguments and mediating this way.
  5. If you are traveling with spouse or partner.  Make sure you have designated roles.  One will drive and the other will entertain the children.  That way the driver can focus on the road to keep it a safe trip for everyone!
All in all, have a fun trip!  Many childhood memories that we share involve the moments when you are with your family/friends and traveling to many destinations to see new sites!  Have a great Columbus Day!

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