Tips For You and Your Family on Holiday Travel

Getting ready to travel to see your family or friends for the holidays?  Well, just make sure that you have all your ducks in a row for a safe and successful trip.  SmarTravel has gathered some tips from and some of our own to help you with your planning.

-          BOOK EARLY! 
If you already know that you are going to be heading to your Mother-In-Law’s house for Thanksgiving this year, start looking and booking for your flight immediately.  The closer to Thanksgiving, the higher the cost of the flight, and the same goes for the Christmas season.  If you are not picky about times and dates with your flights, then you can opt for the “Last-minute bargains” that you typically see floating around on travel sites.
So you have your flight booked, now you need to know how you are getting to the airport, where you are going to park, are you getting a rental car? How many bags per person are you bringing? Having all these key ingredients mapped out and planned before you even start your holiday trip are important.  The less stress you have, the better everything will go.
Lines, lines, and more lines!  That’s all you are going to see when you arrive to the airport, check in, pick up your rental car, go through security.  By having your logistics mapped out, you will know that first and foremost, you need to leave early.  Everything will take twice or three times as long with the holidays.
Nothing is more important than knowing when you are going to leave the hectic crowded airport.  Get a phone app that will constantly check your flight status, and keep track of it before you leave and when you arrive.  Also, have the number of your airlines so you can communicate with them with any questions you have. It would also help if you confirmed your flight days in advance so all you need to do is check your baggage.

There are plenty more tips and tricks to read up on that will help you with your holiday travel.  One of our key sources was SmarTravel wants to also wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!

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